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Why Fuel-Local ?

Having reliable, trusted, skilled, local fuel providers available for both primary and secondary heating and transportation needs 24-7-365 is your energy security backbone. Without local energy security, there is no national energy security and ultimately no national security. This truth has been forgotten.

Heating fuels have evolved to clean burning ultra-low sulphur, bio-fuels, and propane. They are integratable with multiple fuels and heating systems. They are usable as off-grid secondary heating when the grid goes down.

Locally-owned fuel providers know that one fuel, or one system does not fit all. Customized heating solutions are best handled locally. One size does not fit all. Period.

That’s where FUEL-LOCAL comes in. We are different. We are made up of LOCAL energy retailers, and are locally owned, operated, and community-based. Delivered fuel providers offer diverse energy solutions with clean fuels that can operate even when the grid goes down! 

City in the Fall
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