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In October 2019, a dozen Northeast family-owned, locally-operating delivered fuel and service companies formed IDEAL Energy Cooperative (Independents Delivering Energy Aligned Locally).


It was clear that consumers needed to know the truth about what was happening to their locally owned heating and transportation energy providers. Large multi-national conglomerates are buying out and consolidating more and more local heating oil and propane providers than ever before. Policy makers are moving more energy burdens onto an already compromised electric grid.

Where do these paths lead consumers? To fewer local energy service providers in their communities, leading to less competition, higher prices, and longer servicing times. 

We are concerned that local energy security will be compromised. How can a large multi-national corporation or utility, some of them foreign, located hundreds if not thousands of miles away take care of a homeowners’ energy needs?
If you value your home comfort,  we would love to hear your Fuel-Local story.

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